Social Media

Social media was hardly heard of a decade ago, but it is now one of the fastest growing platforms in the world. With the massive move from paper to digital, companies have had to change to a new way of thinking or face getting left behind. The intelligent feature to filter the web and target your exact market sector has made many early adaptor hugely successful in a matter of months. We work with you to
tailor your company strategy, with the end result being lead generation and brand awareness.

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Influencer strategy and implementation from £1199.00pm

An influencer strategy is when we raise the profile and reputation of one person in your organisation to become a major influencer in your market sector. The result is many free advertising opportunities and clients approaching you for services.

Social media strategy and implementation from £299.00pm

We will raise the profile of your social media accounts and help with any area you are looking to impove e.g. leads, customer service or brand awareness.

Influencer strategy from £399.00

We will research your market sector and your competition to create a unique and achievable influencer strategy.

Social media strategy from £199.00

We will research your market sector and your competition to create your own unique strategy for social media.

Social media management from £299.00pm


Up to 3 social media accounts, profile design, research relevant content to repost/share, post your content, forward all queries to you

Social media management from £499.00pm


All of starter plus interacting with your online community, creating post content, following active users.

Social media Management from £699.00


All of professional but managing up to 4 social media accounts, managing adverts, running competitions, monitor and respond to comments with a brief from your company, watch the market sector and your partners for latest news and events.